Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So sorry faithful blog readers - I know you understand how crazy my life is right now.

On August 11th, Dan moved into our first home.

It's a surreal experience sitting at what I call "the apartment" - I'm warming up to calling it "home".

Everything is new and exciting, it kinda feels like being at a new job and Christmas at the same time - exciting, challenging, eye-opening and amazing.

In the time since Dan has moved in, we have become a stronger team, paying even more bills together (whoopie??), going grocery shopping together and doing laundry together. We have also moved and unpacked many boxes together.

All of these new things have stretched our relationship to a new level and we are thriving.

Since Dan has been here, I have spent a lot of time here as well. I have lived in the same house for my whole life and so I don't get culture shock the first week we are married, I'm here quite a bit. Adjusting in some ways.

Most mornings I come to the apartment and just sit and pray. All of the things that we are gearing up for  next month are becoming so real now. It's amazing to think that in 32 days, we will be married.

Holy cow.

We started this countdown on July 24th of 2007.

Yep, over 5 years ago. When we reach our wedding date we will have counted down 1894 days since we got engaged. That's quite a bit of time, and during the countdown we have had some really really tough times. It has been hard to stay positive. It has been hard to move forward. It has been hard to look to the Lord for the next step.

In the past 5 years we have reflected on this verse,

Ecclesiastes 3:1 "There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven."

Thank you Lord, for making this our appointed time. You knew when we would be ready. Continue to prepare our hearts as we head into this new adventure. Give us kind words, open arms and grateful hearts. Keep us close to you Lord, it's there that we will always find rest.


  1. I am so excited for you and Dan! Sending you both much love.

    1. Thanks! We can't wait - only a little longer!

  2. Oh! This made me cry! You have so many wonderful things ahead, but the way you are sowing these pre-marriage days with prayer and preparation is just beautiful. Your faithfulness and love in Christ is so evident. I'm so happy for you!

    What a special day your wedding will be! And there will be so many people there to support you and share in your joy!

    1. We can't wait to celebrate with everything - it's just amazing to thinking that all that waiting is coming to a close. Thankful and nervous about what is ahead, but remembering that with Christ we can do anything!

  3. I love you so much Beloved! You are such an amazing blessing to me and I cannot wait to start our lives together! It has been an amazing journey filled with ups and downs, but through everything we have grown so much and I cherish every moment with you!

    You still make me forget my name :) almost!


    1. I love you sweetheart. Thanks for being my man and for always telling me how much you love me. Only a few more days left and I can start calling you husband, xoxo!